The application of Project & Construction Management techniques ensures the completion of objectives so that the duration, cost and quality of projects become clear, precise and trustworthy data.

With the use of Integral Project Management, the client is able to take control of the Project, both during the design process and construction phases.

In GLOGESTEC we manage projects of various kinds, types and sizes in a swift and firm manner.

Management activities include the control, design and execution of projects which add value by optimizing processes and solutions.

GLOGESTEC boasts a Multidisciplinary team capable of offering under full guarantee the best management services available.

Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive service of high quality based on our capacity of adaptation to Clients needs and on the technical-economical efficiency of our projects. The control carried out by suitably qualified technicians and a great flexibility in the operation and decision making with the Proprietor allow the works to be executed following a strict criteria of seriousness and professionalism.
In GLOGESTEC we offer the following services:

Project & Construction Management

1- Programme management: Organization, planning, coordination and control of a portfolio of projects intervening in the design standards of management procedures and resource and adquisition policies.

2 – Project management: Application of know-how, skills, tools and techniques throughout the life cycle of the Project in order to achieve the predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time and quality.

3 – Design management: Coordination, management, supervision and control of all those involved in the process of editing the various different technical projects.

4 – High value engineering and Technical management to improve profitability. This involves submitting the design of the proposals to a systematic revision at each stage of the design process ensuring that the final design exceeds objectives (efficiently, effectively and economically) and thus allows the design team to have a better knowledge of the project and as such can take total responsibility of the final result.

5 – Contract management: Advice to Clients on the correct selection of the contracting strategy limiting risks and management for the required projects.

6 – Construction management: Optimization of the construction system managing changes and improvements during the execution, reducing total time, improving control of work performance and diversifying risk in the absence of one single contractor.