GLOGESTEC develops environmental engineering projects and gives advice on how to make environmental projects more efficient.


GLOGESTEC aims to satisfy its Clients by offering consultancy services, project management and implementation in the environmental field and as such offers:

  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Acoustic studies.
  • Acoustic studies.
  • Acoustic studies.
  • Environmental Sustainability Reports.
  • Integrated Environmental Authorisation.
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans.
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans.
  • Land planning.
  • Energy Efficiency Studies.
  • Archaelogical Studies.
  • Environmental Reports.


Planning and design of urban and rural landscapes in relation to time and location, based on the natural features and historical and cultural values of the area. In order to achieve this, appropriate techniques and natural and/or artificial materials are used, guided by aesthetic, functional, scientific and planning principles. Currently, within the different areas of landscaping; GLOGESTEC offers the following services:

  • Landscape Integration Studies.
  • Landscaping and Design of Public Garden Areas. Design and implementation of projects related to outdoor areas, both urban and natural.




In the field of waste management (Urban, industrial, organic, inert,.) GLOGESTEC offers the following services:

  • Waste management plans for Construction and Operational phases.
  • Waste minimisation studies.
  • Recovery and waste management projects.


  • emporary storage, treatment and disposal station projects:
    • Transfer stations.
    • Treatment and waste disposal stations.
    • Stations for the assessment and recovery of pruning remains.
    • Stations for the selection and classification of wastes from construction and demolition (C & D waste).
    • Compost Stations.
    • Ecoparks and green points.
    • Rubbish dumping sites.